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Functional Art Design+Build


Bath Remodeling

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The spaces we inhabit can positively or negatively affect our wellbeing.  

Air quality, sunlight, plants, colors and art all have a profound effect on both our physical body and emotional state.


Our living spaces can be crafted to support positive emotional states, health, wellbeing and overall mission in life. 

A concoction of material, color, pattern and symbol can change the energy of a room and the lives that inhabit it.

Our goal is to create functional works of art that emanate meaning into the world with the intention to inspire connection and health.


"Infusing our world with spirit through art."



Emanation Designs was founded by Karl Manteuffel as a business enterprise to combine his passions for art, design and building with the mission to promote physical, spiritual and mental health.

Karl is a designer, builder, artist, and acupuncturist. The ultimate goal of his work is to imbue his creations with a spark of divinity that can be felt, and can uplift the lives of the people that encounter it. 


He has been creating art for pretty much his whole life; from the giant dragon drawing on the drywall of his bedroom at 5 years old, to a deep dive into photography, to the recent design and build of his custom home in Eldorado Springs Colorado.  


Implementing  his diverse skillset in art, architectural design, and extensive experience in the skilled trades of masonry, carpentry, and tile; Karl creates new forms of art that weave together the elements of tile, stone, wood and light. His visionary creativity is guided by his connection to. his spiritual path as well as his study and practice of healing arts of acupuncture and energy medicine.

Contact Karl for information on custom installations or art pieces. 


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